The Basics of Chargeback Prevention

One common challenge faced by many businesses that accept credit cards is where the user tries to dispute a claim. When someone tries to make a dispute, you will get a notification, and a chargeback fee will be charged. The bills charged are very costly, and they have a great effect on all the suppliers who are depending on online and internet transactions with the use of a credit card. The processor of the card will notify you of the processing fee to be charged from your account. This happens simultaneously as the debit has been done on the account. The chargeback fee will take around two or three days to have an effect on your account. The best way to deal with this is through chargeback prevention.

When you get the notification on the chargeback, then the first thing is to understand clearly why and how you got the claim. The fees reversal will happen when you dispute the claim through the transaction processor. When the claim has been disputed successfully, the amount that was debited originally will be credited. However, the cardholder may also decide to make a dispute on this reversal. If this process is followed then, the second chargeback will be debited, and the fee of the chargeback will stand if the transaction processor will agree to negate the claim. The services vary from bank to bank and therefore it is advisable for you to accommodate this factor.


It is imperative that you check the billing statement carefully when dealing with chargeback prevention. Ensure that the name of the company is shown properly and clearly on the receipt. Any service or product sold should be given a receipt. Also, you are advised to do monitoring during the transportation of the good, since when it is dispatched to when it gets to the customer. The address to where the goods are going should be checked clearly checked and verified. Any retrieval request should be replied rather fast. However, some companies such a s master card and Visa do not have to send you a retrieval request. See if the card processor can help and protect you from getting the charge back fees. It is however very unfortunate since the company is always the one that has to cater for the fees. Having good chargeback prevention can help you minimize the chargebacks you get in your company.

The charging processing fee may seem small, but when they are very many, they may dismantle and hassle the ability of the company to sell their goods and services. Ask the company’s sales representative to help you get the steps to follow so as to make the chargebacks as minimal as possible.  When taking transactions using credit cards, it is important to know that you cannot evade the chargeback fees. The company can conserve a lot of money through chargeback prevention. Seek advice from a professional when you want to reverse a transaction. It is always necessary to be ahead of time. Some of the people trying to reverse the transactions are cons. Try and seal all the loopholes through chargeback prevention.


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